rtugal Wedding CeremoniesI was born in the UK and over the years have lived in various countries and enjoyed a number of vocations. Now living in Madeira, I am fully engrossed into the world of destination weddings. As the co-founder of Your Portugal Wedding, an on-line wedding directory supporting couples wanting to marry in Portugal, I discovered the joy of conducting ceremonies and allowing couples the choice as to what they wanted to express to each other, while giving them support and advice on the structure of the ceremony.

I trained to become a Wedding Celebrant in the UK and am a member of the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants, which gives me the network to ensure that I continue to work professionally and share new ideas.Becky de Sancha

As a confident person, I have found myself in many public speaking arenas, delivering seminars on different topics at conferences, and writing and delivering training courses. I had a successful marketing company in the UK, which gives me an eye for words and what works in different environments.

Conducting wedding ceremonies is my enjoyment in life. It is such a pleasure to be able to share this special moment with couples and watch them begin their married lives together.

My ceremonies are not linked to a specific religion. They are more about the ethics of union and the celebration of love.