Wedding and Baby Naming Ceremony

 2015-06-28 09.12.34I was very excited to receive a request from Kyle and Janita to not only conduct their wedding ceremony in Lagos, Portugal but also to combine this with a Naming Ceremony for their son Xavier.

We wanted to combine all the traditions of both ceremonies and so the event started with the Bride walking down the aisle to acoustic guitar, with her father on her arm.  I love the Giving Away element to a wedding ceremony but have to make sure the Dads don’t run away to sit down before they have done their job.

The Giving Away

The Giving Away

“One of the most understated but deepest relationships in human life, is that between a father and a daughter. A Wedding Ceremony is one of the rare occasions when this relationship is publicly acknowledged. So mindful of these values, I know ask you, who gives this woman to be married to this man”.

Kyle and Janita chose two Readings between their Vows and Exchanging their Rings, and after signing the wedding day Certificate, I pronounced them husband and wife and they had their first kiss.

Now that they were happily married and we had all their friends and family watching in excitement, we moved on to the Naming Ceremony and Xavier came and joined us at the front.

Kyle and Janita had told me how important Xavier’s grandparents were in his life and so we built in a special part just for them and one of his Grandmothers read a beautiful poem.

2015-06-28 09.02.07After I had formally named Xavier, it was the turn of his parents to make their promises to him, promising to love, honour and respect him, and to guide and support him to live a happy and healthy life.

Then the fun started.  All of the congregation were handed a balloon, white and blue to match the colour scheme. The family and friends where then asked to make there promise….

Will you all be there for Xavier, to support him when he needs it, guide him to the right path and let him into your hearts, so that he can grow into a caring and loving adult?

Everyone shouted “we will” as the balloons where released.

We had certificates for all the grandparents as a keep sake and of course one for Xavier. And then we made the final close and everyone went and had a drink to celebrate.

Xavier, may you be a light for yourself and others.

May the longtime sun, shine upon you.

May all love surround you.

And may the sweet light within you, guide you on your way.

After the ceremony, the Bride and Groom and all their guests went off to a private villa for a great meal and celebration.

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